Stove Fans and Stirling Engines

Copper Propeller Warpfive Stove Fan

At Warpfive Stove Fans you can now add a copper propeller to any of our Stove Fan designs.  We frequently have customers who require something a little different and even more special than our standard product range, so you are also able to…


Red Stirling Engine Fans Warpfive

Warpfive Stove Fans Red Stirling Engine Fans Designer Edition. Red Stirling engine fans  are now also available from Warpfive Stove Fans for the Steelhead  and the Sidewinder versions. These beautiful hand-crafted engines will compliment your home while circulating the warm air generated by your…


Warpfive engine generates electricity

Here we show how a modified Warpfive engine generates electricity in order to demonstrate the power, speed, silence and precision of our engines. The modifications consisted of the addition of a water cooling jacket, radiator, water pump and radiator cooling fan. The water…