The Warpfive Generator uses innovative technology to convert heat from any heat source into electricity. This extremely small, portable, light-weight device comprises 2 neat fitting components, one for charging and the other for power supply. The Generator can be used to power any USB device, such as a phone, iPad, or camera using any heat source such as a camping gas stove, a benzene burner, the sun, an open fire, alcohol burner, wood burner or even a gas hob. The Generator also comes with an optional battery charger to charge AA rechargeable batteries used in many non-USB devices such as a Sat Nav or portable radio. The power supply easily separates and unplugs from the charging unit into a handy stand-alone power bank for use on the move. It can be charged in advance via the USB port which offers the added flexibility of being a usable, high performance power bank when you’re not out adventuring. This cutting edge product weighs less than 490g and is sure to be a winner with all outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Crowd funding on Kickstarter from 28 October 2015

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Warpfive Generator – small, light-weight and portable (weighs less than 490g)


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Warpfive Generator using camping gas


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Warpfive Generator with battery charger


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Use any heat source such as camping gas stove, benzene, open fire, even the sun