The Warpfive MK6 Range cooker Fan was launched in July 2015. It offers numerous improvements over the MK4 model such as a borosilicate glass piston sleeve which is quieter and has improved performance. The borosilicate glass piston sleeve also allows you to see the piston in operation. The MK6 uses the new silver slimline heat plate which is noticeably smaller than the previous version but offers significant performance increases.

The Warpfive Range Cooker Fan is designed to be used on the warming plate or top surface of your range cooker that operates between 60° C and 150° C (140° F and 302° F). It is a small precision engineered Stirling engine, which is 100% mechanical and does not have any electric components which may stop working if overheated.

Range cooker fan MK6

Range cooker fan MK6 heat plate

Range cooker fan MK6 side

Range cooker fan MK6 piston