Warpfive Stirling Engine kits provide hours of good indoor fun and result in a fully functioning, authentic Stirling engine. 
The new MK6 version offers a clear Borosilicate piston sleeve for improved performance and quieter running, this also enables a view of the moving piston. The MK6 version now has the high performance silver heat plate.
This fun and educational project is made easy with detailed step-by-step written and photographic instructions, enabling you to see the project through from beginning to end in an achievable time frame (between 1 – 3 hours). You will have the satisfaction of learning how a Stirling engine is built, in addition to the joy of displaying and using it once completed. This is further enhanced by the clear Borosilicate glass cylinder which allows you to view the moving displacer and thus the complete workings of the engine. 
To operate, the engine is simply placed on the supplied candle stand above the lit candle and after a few minutes the fly wheel is ready to be spun. The fly wheel will continue to spin so long as the candle burns.

Due to the precision required in the assembly of a Stirling engine, critical components such as the crank and conrods are supplied pre-assembled. This project can be completed in any environment and no special tools are needed – 3 Hex Keys are included in the kit.

Stirling Engine Kit MK6

Stirling Engine Kit MK6 components

Stirling Engine Kit MK6 crank

Stirling Engine Kit MK6 crank and piston

Stirling Engine Kit MK6 heat plate